The best intensity techniques

The best intensity techniques

by Burak Cemil


Have you been following the development of the new training systems and trends in recent years 아케이넘 다운로드? Sometimes, with the hype about some new training systems, you might think that training to failure is the worst thing you can do to your body. On the other hand, there are generations of bodybuilders and successful competitors, as well as numerous Mr 다운로드. Olympias, who have built their impressive physiques in the most basic way possible. And the way they built their bodies was with 2 simple tools: classic bodybuilding training and muscle failure 다운로드.


But at this point, no discussion should be conducted as to whether or not muscle failure belongs to successful bodybuilding training 다운로드. The fact of the matter is that the majority of bodybuilders still use training to failure as a tool in their arsenal and still have great success.


However, traditional bodybuilding training does not just mean doing exercises until failure and then stop 다운로드. Moreover, quite a few also incorporate intensity techniques to further challenge the body and postpone the exhaustion of the musculature. That way an even greater growth stimulus can be achieved and you can finally burst through that plateau 구글 크롬 비디오.


This should be reason enough for you to learn more about the best and most popular intensity techniques as well as a guide for their optimal use 다운로드.


Forced repetitions

Drop sets

Pre-exhaust / post-fatigue


Rest-pause sets

Negatives / Eccentrics

Peak Contractions

Giant sets

Loaded stretching


Be careful & use sparingly

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