Summary and overview

Summary and overview

Carbs are not the enemy of bodybuilders, as is so often said these days. Rather, it is important to choose the right carbohydrate sources and the right time of delivery 다운로드. Of course, the total intake of nutrients should always be considered. A carbohydrate-only diet will be as unsuccessful as a diet made up solely of protein and fat 영어 이력서 다운로드. As with everything in life, the answer is usually somewhere in the middle.

Try to keep the protein intake at the appropriate level (diet / bulk) and adjust to your needs (see also the article on proteins under “nutrition”) 나눔스퀘어 웹폰트. Of the remaining calories, you consume about 20-30% in the form of fat, and especially (poly) unsaturated fatty acids (depending on diet strategy) and the remainder of about 30-40% in the form of predominantly low GI carbohydrates 다운로드.
This way you lay the optimal foundation for a successful and lasting development, at least as long as willpower, mindset and training are also right 다운로드.



  • Prefer foods with low glycemic index in your diet
  • In particular, avoid foods, snacks, sweets or drinks that consist primarily of glucose, maltose or dextrose, especially if the foods contain fat at the same time 유유베 다운로드.
  • Whole grains are preferable to the normal version
  • Use either fructose or sweeteners instead of table sugar
  • Avoid high carbohydrate foods before exercise and in the evening
  • After training, you should eat fast, short-chain carbs (about 0.5-1 g / kg body weight)
  • In addition to carbohydrate intake, make sure you have enough protein and fat in your diet
  • In a fat loss diet reduce carbohydrates first


Carbohydrates – friend or foe 다운로드?