Peak Contractions

Peak Contractions





In peak contractions, you not only execute the working sets dynamically, that is, consisting of the positive and negative phases of the movement, but also hold the weight at the highest point of the range of motion and consciously contract even further to a maximum 다운로드. Hold this peak contraction for two to four seconds before lowering the weight and starting the next repetition.







Almost all exercises are suitable for peak contractions 베스트 오퍼. If you are inexperienced an exception to this should be squats and deadlifts, where you can get problems with holding your balance while standing. If you find yourself having trouble with holding your balance, try to switch to doing leg press or squats in the smith machine 다운로드. It is particularly easy to perform peak contractions on all machine and dumbbell exercises. To get started, try this method on leg extensions, barbell curls or pull-ups 퇴마전설1 다운로드.




Common Mistakes


The essence of maximum contractions is the total focus on perfect exercise form and the mind-muscle connection 잉크립퀴드체 다운로드. Errors are practically impossible.


Giant sets