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Let me help you turn from fat to fit. I know exactly what it feels like to be fat, unfit and unhealthy, I’ve suffered all throughout my childhood and was very bad at sports until I became an adult. One day I finally snapped and transformed within 10 weeks! Until today I have already helped countless people that were just like me turn their life around and transform not only their bodies but also their mindset.


As an author of several articles and ebooks I will help you understand even the most complicated and complex topics of the fitness, health and nutrition industry. I know exactly how difficult it is for a total beginner who does not even know the most basic terms and am able to catch you where you are and bring your knowledge to the next level.


For people who are short on time and are very busy I offer special online coaching and consultations. If you know where your problem areas are and want my opinion on how to achieve the best results in different areas be it weight loss, building muscle, running faster, jumping higher, etc., make sure to take a look at my webcam consultations and custom programs


Let me inspire you by the way I train, cook and eat. As a public figure I was able to help thousands of people who watched my story on YouTube and Instagram and followed my advice through daily interactions on social media. I always do my best to react to the wishes and needs of my community. Do not hesitate to ask questions or leave comments under my posts, videos and articles. I’m always eager to engage.


Here are some statistics about the services I provide.
Become part of a large group of people who were able to reach their goals through my expertise.
  • Satisfied customers

    Hundreds of customers are pleased and happy with the results that they were able to reach and achieve with my help and guidance.

  • Realistic goals

    On average my clients reach a compliance of 85% and are still able to reach their goals. Even if you are not able to follow every detail of my programs you will succeed.

  • 24 hours

    Typically it takes around 24 hours after your purchase for your custom routine to be finalized and ready in your mailbox.

  • Average Response time

    60 minutes is the average time it takes to respond to your inquiries

Luis Guerrero

Nice transformation and all,I really loved your supplement and diet tips. The program is solid and I had no questions regarding the whole planning of the 10 weeks. The best part is how the program changes and adapts to the fat loss every 2-4 weeks! Cheers


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Hi, I am the founder and CEO of burakcemil.com. Read more on the “About” section of my website.
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