Do you know one of the most important buzzwords that is haunting the fitness scene these days adobe reader 9.4 다운로드? We are talking about “periodization”. Almost every new training system that comes on the market prophesies the best training advances & progress of all time 다운로드. Most of the progress with these training systems is achieved, because they are based on one form or another of periodization. Do not be fooled by my sarcastic undertone, because periodization is an indispensable prerequisite for training in the long-term without injury and achieving good progress 나눔스퀘어 extrabold. You cannot demand and stress your body by training to your limit day after day, week by week and month by month. In the long run, such a procedure would either lead to overtraining or, if this is not sufficiently observed, to inflammations and even more severe injuries due to overuse 다운로드. Periodization helps you to circumnavigate these problems. The only question that comes to mind is which periodization concept is “the best”.


What periodization is

Conventional linear periodization

Non-linear periodization – a step in the right direction

Holistic training

Integration of further periodization forms

Conclusion to periodization