Drop sets

Drop sets





Forced repetition as an intensity technique has a major disadvantage – you need a training partner 다운로드. This is exactly what drop sets do not require, which makes them particularly suitable for athletes training alone. The execution is simple. Do the exercise for as many repetitions as you can on your own 다운로드. Then drop the weight, reduce it and continue for a few repetitions. The break in between should be as short as possible, ideally you just put the weight on the machine or switch to lighter dumbbells 스트라이크 더 블러드 다운로드. Some athletes reduce their weight once, others twice or even three times, depending on how far they want to go.




When training alone, this technique is best used on all dumbbell and machine exercises where you simply lay down the weight and then continue with the lower one 다운로드. If you want to use drop sets on barbell exercises, you will either need more than one barbell set or two training partners who will quickly pull a weight plate from the ends of the bar so you can continue without rest 다운로드.



Common Mistakes:


You cannot go wrong with drop sets.


Pre-exhaust / post-fatigue