Putting your program together – Push and Pull

Putting your program together – Push and Pull


Creating a new training routine you have to look at the basic forms of movements your body can perform 시스템 파일 다운로드.

Here are 6 different directions of movement, covering almost the entire musculature.

  • Horizontal push away from the body (e.g., bench press / dips)
  • Horizontal pull towards the body (for example barbell row)
  • Vertical push away from the body (e.g., shoulder press)
  • Vertical pull towards the body (e.g., pull-ups)
  • Push movement of the lower body (for example squats)
  • Pull movement of the lower body (e.g., deadlift)*

*a case can be made that deadlifts are a push and not a pull movement of the lower body


With an exercise for the respective direction of movement, you can already achieve a complete training of your entire body 다운로드. A sample plan can be found in Fig. 3.

Fig.3: Minimalistic push pull routine
Workout A Workout B
Weighted Dips OHP
Squats Deadlifts
Barbell Row Weighted Chinups
Each exercise with 3-4 sets, 8-12 repetitions 다운로드.


Many will wonder why this minimalistic plan does not include targeted exercises for the arms. Quite simply put: the fact that the biceps are heavily loaded with the chin-ups and the triceps with the dips, the training regimen requires no further work for the arms 다운로드. A case can be made that the arms would be over-stimulated or over-trained in this way.

However, it would be different if chin-ups were replaced by wide-grip pull-ups and dips by bench press 크로스채널 다운로드. Here, the arms would still be involved as synergists, but the distribution of stress and load of the movement would be much lower to the arms. Therefore, supplementing with a biceps and triceps exercise might make sense in some cases 윈도우7 msvcr100.dll 다운로드. Anyway, one should always keep in mind that every exercise plan can be individually tailored and customized to your specific goals and needs.


Fig.4: Extended push pull routine (arms)
Workout A Workout B
Bench press OHP
Squats Deadlifts
Barbell Rows Wide-grip pull-ups
French-press Barbell curls
Each exercise with 3 sets, 8-12 repetitions 다운로드.


One thing is obvious: If one compares both of these routines with a typical beginner’s training regime, which contains of 10 machine exercises with 3 sets each, then above plan has a much lower volume 다운로드. Nevertheless, I guarantee you will have a much better training effect with those basic and minimalistic routines.