Abdominal training does not burn belly fat

Abdominal training does not burn belly fat

Another one of the big mistakes from the beginnings of bodybuilding. This myth caused some athletes to spend hours and hours on abdominal training, with very little result regarding burning belly fat 기아 자동차 서체. But even today you can see gym novices primarily train the usual problem areas, hoping to lose fat just in those areas.

It is not the exercise selection that decides the loss of body fat, but solely a negative energy balance (a caloric deficit) windows 10 1809 iso. This means you have to eat less calories than your body needs. Weight training increases the caloric needs for your body. This happens all the more, the greater the number and size of the included muscle groups per exercise, as well as the range of motion and the intensity 다운로드.

Especially abdominal training is therefore rather unsuitable for drastically increasing the energy output. The reason is that although the abdominal muscles appear to be a large muscle, they are also very thin and thus a relatively small muscle group 다운로드. Furthermore, the range of motion of most abdominal exercises is very short and limited. For example in abdominal crunches, the upper back is lifted ever so slightly off the ground 다운로드. Much more effective for increasing energy output would be to focus on training of larger muscle groups with exercises such as squats, deadlifts, etc.

Regardless, abdominal training in a cutting or muscle building phase should not be neglected, since the abdominal muscles still need to be developed and strengthened to have a complete physique 백그라운드. A strong core is what connects the upper to the lower body. However, it does not lead to losing fat locally on the belly.

Likewise it is not necessary to train abs daily 영화 코리아 다운로드. The abdominals are a muscle group just like any other and if overworked with daily and intense training, can also react with overtraining symptoms. If you want to train the abdominal muscles effectively, you should train them just like any other muscle group 2-3 times in a training week 다운로드.

Unfortunately, the body does not always break down the fat from the areas where you want to, and in areas like the belly it usually breaks down last 다운로드. Unfortunately, only intense training in conjunction with a reasonably planned diet helps to get visible abs.


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