Similar to “Pre-exhaust / post-fatigue”, two exercises are combined with supersets and executed directly without pause 다운로드. The difference here is that they have to be two exercises for opposing (antagonistic) muscle groups. Therefore, only three logical combinations are possible: biceps / triceps, quadriceps / hamstrings, and chest / back 다운로드.

This combination of both muscle groups allows one muscle to stretch while the other (opposing) contracts. The result is a maximum pump in both muscle groups and an effective increase in the number of microtrauma* responsible for muscle growth 창궁의 파프너 엑소더스 다운로드.





Classic exercise combinations are:

  • barbell curls with french press / triceps push downs,
  • bench press with rowing in all variations, as well as
  • leg extensions and leg curls 다운로드. But also combinations of
  • hyperextensions and crunches are conceivable.



Experiment and try different combinations of exercises to find your favorites 가변윤고딕.




Common Mistakes:


Make sure that the break between the two exercises is minimal 다운로드. Best case scenario, you can move directly from one exercise to the next without taking a break. Prepare the dumbbells, required equipment, machines, bands, etc 다운로드. in advance. If you have to go between two machines put a towel on one and a water bottle on the other, so others don’t disturb your workout.





* Microtrauma is another term for the microtearing of muscle fibres


Rest-pause sets