Negatives / Eccentrics

Negatives / Eccentrics





There are two variations possible 한글 과 컴퓨터 뷰어 다운로드. In the first, you take a heavy load that you cannot perform any repetition at all on your own. Let your training partner help you bring the weight to the top 컴투스프로야구 다운로드. Then, he lets go of the bar and you fight with all your strength against it and slowly lower the weight to the bottom of the range of motion.

In the second variation you complete (as in forced repetitions) as many reps as you can vsc3. But then your partner helps you in a strong fashion bring the weight quickly back to the top point, from where you lower it as slowly as possible on your own again 아이폰 mp4 다운로드.

Both variants should be used for three to four repetitions, because fatigue sets in very quickly in this method.





Especially suitable and popular for negative repetitions are all chest, biceps or shoulder exercises 다운로드. In the latter, only upright-rows are not eligible. Also very good are all forms of lat pulldowns and chin-ups. Especially with pull-ups, you can also use negative repetitions very well without a partner 다운로드. You can just jump up into the maximum contracted position and slowly let yourself down on your own. In leg and rowing exercises for the back, however, negative repetitions are ruled out 다운로드.




Common Mistakes:


The slow lowering of the weight makes mistakes almost impossible here 2015 개정 교육과정 다운로드. However, the training weight should not be too high. It has to remain controllable.


Peak Contractions