Giant sets

Giant sets




Similar to supersets, you combine several exercises that you do without a break 다운로드. The difference is that all exercises are done for the same muscle group. Again, you don’t take breaks in between exercises, you perform them back to back 다운로드. This technique is particularly popular in leg training, where you could combine for example squats, hack squats, leg press, leg extensions and walking lunges into a huge set 다운로드.






Giant sets make sense primarily for training large muscle groups such as legs, back, chest or abs 다운로드. Also for shoulders with their three muscle groups good combinations are possible. Here  you dedicate one isolation exercise to each head of the shoulder muscle individually, and then perform a overhead press for a combined effort 다운로드. In small muscles such as biceps or triceps giant sets should be used to burn the muscle out (e.g. as a finishing movement) – Fatality.


Order of exercises plays an important role 123d design download. You should try to put exercises that need lots of coordination and concentration at the beginning of the giant set and choose the ones that are less demanding for last 미드 90 다운로드. For example you start out with free weights and end your giant set with machine exercises.




Common Mistakes:


Forget that you can handle normal training weights in the follow-up exercises 다운로드. This only leads to injuries. Again, check your ego at the door, the follow-up exercises are there to exhaust the muscle completely, not to set new personal records in training weight bootstrap css 다운로드.


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