Custom Diet and Training Routine


Fully customized diet and training routine.

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Diet Plan

This custom diet routine includes a fully customized detailed diet plan tailored to your specific needs. It also has a supplement plan included 다운로드. The meals and food choices are based on your weight, height, lifting stats, goals, body-type, and current physique (pictures, videos). The meals are customized and planned according to your specific schedule, and timed to your convenience to make it as easy as possible to follow 다운로드. Additionally, in the plan, there are options and alternatives available if you ever grow tired of a specific food item or complete meal.

– Fully customized and detailed diet plan specified to your individual body type, goals, and daily routine
– The plan is designed to your realistic capabilities 윈도우 다시 다운로드. (Schedule, food likes and dislikes, allergies, digestion or any health related issues)
– List of supplements and intake advice in addition to the diet to accelerate results
– Details and specifics on how and when to use the supplements
Plan needs to be followed for a minimum of 6 weeks (maximum 12, because after that your body will have changed drastically)

Here is an example of how each meal is presented along with the supplements:

“Meal 3 – 3:00 PM:

225g Beef Steak seasoned and salted 다운로드. then cooked in a pan with 10g Olive Oil plus 300g of steamed green beans on the side. (you may substitute the beef with 200g of boneless skinless chicken thigh or 225g of ground beef.) + 300mg of Vitamin C + 5g of BCAA + 25mg Zinc)”


Training Program

Whether it’s to build muscle, lose weight, improve strength, increase stamina, endurance, or even improve a lagging muscle part like legs, calves or triceps and build it into a strong point instead of a weakness 다운로드. The workout routine is also fully customized to your specific goals, and detailed down to the name of the exercises for each muscle group.
– Designed to fit your personal goals in the most efficient manner
– All exercises, sets, and reps are mentioned in the program so that there will be no questions
– Cardio Plan Included

Plan is to be followed for a period of 6 weeks 다운로드. The workout program is also timed according to your schedule and individual daily routine – along with the meal plan


## After your have purchased the program I will contact you via e-mail and send you a detailed list of questions that you will need to answer truthfully 다운로드. After I receive your list of answers I will start working on your program. This may take 1-3 business days. The custom program will then be sent to you via e-mail ##


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