Basic exercises

Basic exercises – maximum yield with minimal effort    


Taking a closer look at commercial gyms today you realize that the free weight section of your gym is significantly smaller than the machine and cardio section 다운로드. To add insult to injury, the clientele of said facilities does not really boast members with above-average musculature, sometimes even quite the contrary 다운로드. Many have poor posture, fundamentally flawed body types, only come to the gym to do cardio or no cardio at all, wrong exercise selection, etc.  Do you recognize your gym and did you also get a beginner’s training routine that consists of 8-12 machine exercises that you rotate through mindlessly for 3 times a week 다운로드?

Then let me tell you something: If you really want to achieve a nice, strong and muscular physique, take that plan and throw it in the trash, where it belongs 다운로드. It’s more likely that cows learn to speak English than you achieving your goals with that trash plan. The reason is that this kind of training routine was never created for that purpose in the first place 지출결의서 다운로드. They gave you that plan to keep you busy for a month and after you see that there is no progress you get frustrated and never come again. Gym owners do not care about your goals, they care about your gym fee.  Economically, they want you to give up and never come again to keep their machines new and shiny, while also collecting your monthly subscription money until your membership runs out or renews itself automatically 다운로드.

A truly effective plan must be tailored to your specific needs, which cannot be the typical standard routine you get from a trainer in a gym, because they are usually the same for each beginner.  Moreover, these plans are not designed to help you build more muscle mass in the right places 퀴즈퀘스트 다운로드. Rather, they should ensure that you are able to cope with the equipment in the studio after the shortest possible briefing time and that you do not need any further supervision, or more simply put: they are made to keep you injury free 다운로드. What may sound hard to believe at first is nothing more than the logical consequence of the increasingly cheaper studios at longer and longer opening hours 다운로드. Somewhere the cost must be saved and the biggest factor here is the staff and the personal care for the customer. Not infrequently, a trainer in the gym is not only responsible for 50-100 members at the same time, but also cleaning, membership sales and anything else that comes up 다운로드. With these numbers in mind, you cannot even think about individual care. That’s why you will not get a purposeful training routine that will help you make the most of your progress, but one that will make sure you do not get hurt.