Nutrition basics

Nutrition basics

Our food consists of various different types of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which also fulfill many different functions in our body. Particularly in bodybuilding and fitness, even small shifts in the nutrient composition or sources of nutrients can have a striking effect on the success of muscle building or dieting.

Therefore, it is often not enough to only pay attention to the mere nutritional information in the “Nutrition Facts” label on food packaging. Not every gram of a nutrient is the same for the body. Instead, you should dig a bit deeper to optimize your diet even further.

This section serves to provide you with the necessary fundamental knowledge in nutrition that you need without unnecessary filler. Each nutrient and the most important minerals are listed and explained separately. These sections deal with their most important functions in the body and also highlight and summarize their special meaning for the athlete including daily recommendations for intake.


Use these pages as an interesting read for in-between or simply as a reference book. This way you can make sure that you provide your body with what it really needs for optimal and excellent performance.

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