Conclusion to periodization


Periodization is an important means of developing your body to its maximum potential and taking into account all the individual components, but on the other hand also to maintain efficiency and avoid overtraining or injury. The conventional periodization concepts, however, where sometimes you follow a very one-sidedly goal for weeks, and then in the next cycle tackle a different one, are suboptimal. This way the work capacity in the given range that was just achieved in the previous cycle is being deconditioned for lack of training stimulus in the next cycle. At best, the result is very slow progress, as in a later cycle the loss from the previous one has to be trained and achieved again before reaching new highs and breaking plateaus.

Better for optimal progress while taking into account the individual components, both at the fiber and at the cellular level, is a form of holistic training in which all aspects of muscular development are addressed in a single training session. This form of training design can also be ideally combined with other periodization elements, such as intensity and exercise choice. This way you get maximum freedom in the design of your training while taking into account all the important aspects that lead to a long-lasting successful and varied, as well as injury and overtraining-free training.

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