Women do not have to train differently than men

Women do not have to train differently than men

Looking into any gym, you can observe the following: While men usually work out with dumbbells (or at least the corresponding machine exercises), women are usually seen on adductors / abductors, gluteus machines, abdominal trainers, etc. If you ask them why, then they say that they do not want to look bulky like men and these devices specifically shape their problem areas and reduce fat there.

First of all, as mentioned before, there is no way to spot reduce fat locally with an exercise. Secondly, the musculature of a woman is not different from that of a man. The difference between the two sexes is just the different hormone balance and slight differences in anatomy (the predetermined layout of the body’s bone & muscle structure). That’s why a woman could never build the same muscle mass as a man.

In practice this means that a woman has to train the same as a man to succeed, even if success means “only” for her to get a tight athletic figure. It needs neither a higher repetition range nor special machines to train their problem areas. Just e.g. Adductor / abductor machines only train a tiny little muscle, which is trained much more effectively in the other (compound) exercises.

The only limitation in female training should be not to train certain areas of the body, such as calves and traps, which are considered unfeminine in today’s society.

The argument repeatedly made by women is that they immediately put on a ton of thigh muscles during leg training, so that the pants do not fit. This obviously has a completely different reason. As mentioned before, women have a slightly different anatomical and physiological structure. Women have a significantly higher fat content than men on their thighs and buttocks. They may not have as much fat on their belly, because it is simply distributed differently. If you start with targeted strength training for these muscle groups, after a few training sessions, the muscle tone, i.e. the basic tension in the muscle increases. This is not muscle growth, but only the desired first tightening effect. However, if you continue training in a smart way, it will, given appropriate nutrition, lead to loss of circumference on the thighs (fat loss) and also a nicer leg shape (bigger and stronger muscles).


Once you stop exercising, your muscles will not automatically turn into fat