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General Training and Nutrition Information


Do you know that? You are training really hard, you have a training system that you trust in and are confident with, you put in consistent effort and are disciplined. Nevertheless, you always have that feeling in your gut that somehow, something is still missing. You feel the need to get a last little kick and your progress will be even better than ever before. Maybe you feel like you are exactly in this position right now.

By the way, this is not just the case in bodybuilding. No matter which sport you look at – the reason why some athletes are more successful than others, are usually not lack of commitment or lack of training, but tips and tricks, very small and intricate details that make all the difference between the winner and your average, regular athlete. In my many years of training on my own and also training other people online and in person, I was able to determine this again and again, because the patterns repeat themselves.

The section “General training information” is dedicated to these little things, tricks and details in training and nutrition on Whether it’s the same mistakes that have been causing misunderstandings for generations of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, or suggestions on how to make your workouts more productive, here you’ll find what you’re looking for. Do not waste your time with useless frippery, but start right through! The time to improve is now.


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