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Hello and welcome to burakcemil.com! It has been a pleasure putting this informative training and diet website together to help fellow people in their pursuit of a better physical condition and overall health.

I provide ebooks and services that will teach you everything you need to know to get to where you need and want to be. Whether it be getting ripped, more muscular or simply more fit. I also share the knowledge that allowed me to go from being a 96kg overweight loser with a 1-pack to becoming a shredded 76kg beast with 6-pack abs! I shared my personal journey on Youtube, where already millions of people watched and got inspired by my story.After being repeatedly asked in the comment section and in various e-mails, I decided to release burakcemil.com, to share my knowledge and every detail I had to do to accomplish this goal of reaching amazing fatloss and also help YOU reach your goals!

Most ebooks out there let you read endless pages of worthless and incomprehensive information that you don‘t even need without getting to the point why you bought the book in the first place – the actual diet and training program. Well, I provide none of these books!My ebooks and services are an all-natural, no bullshit approach to reaching the goal of amazing body transformation. Every chapter starts with explanations on how you will approach each theme, whether it be lifting weights, diet or cardio and right after that the in-detail program follows. The basis of my plans is QUALITY FOOD and INTENSE WORKOUT!

If you do it right and follow the program you can achieve your goal in less than the given time frame, or if you slack in maybe 5-15% more time. But more importantly, after just a few days or weeks went by after starting my programs you will begin to feel incredible, capable and motivated for each and every workout, meal and cardio session, believe me! All this is of course linked to eating real quality food as well as training intelligent and intense. After completing any of my programs you will get very lean (not neccessarily contest shape) and be on your way to your shredded new self. But most of all, you will have so much fun while doing so! Believe in yourself and you will see changes that make you happier than ever before. So let‘s get started!